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Designed with you in mind

We know that everything is in the details. Therefore we have spared no expense in the search for the right fittings, cabinetry and appliances, which are all made by renowned European manufacturers. To adjust the home to your needs and wishes you can select from a number of options concerning materials and finishes, and use the Smart Home system which comes with every apartment.

Great moments in the kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen every aspect and last detail is carefully considered to enhance the positive experience and overall comfort level of cooking and dining. Premium material, finishes and appliances have been selected with style, quality and durability in mind. Meticulously planned and expertly crafted, the kitchen reflects not only the needs of the owner but also the style.

Marriage of style and function

The bathroom. Among the first stops each new day and one of the last before the day is over. This part of the home is therefore an important one as it serves as an energy booster for the coming day but also a place for unwinding at the end of it. In this case, like every other, stylish design teams up with function and class.

Your home for you

When making a home smart, Nordic Smart Spaces has combined lighting control as well as the thermostat and door entry system, to be controlled from touch screens on the walls or an app in a phone or tablet. The systems can be managed and controlled wherever the user is. Each apartment in Austurhöfn comes completely “Smart Home Ready”, with lighting control from Lutron, environmental and A/V control from Savant, security and access control from 2N and Alexa, the voice control from Amazon. Upgrades that further enhance your home experience are available on request.

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Miklaborg Real Estate oversees the sales of apartments in Austurhöfn. Miklaborg is Iceland’s largest real estate firm and employs only certified real estate brokers and solicitors, who supply the best possible advice and service.

For further information about apartments in Austurhöfn please contact us filling out this form or by calling +354 569 7000.

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