Smarthome - Austurhofn
A home to match your lifestyle

To make your home smart, Nordic Smart Spaces has teamed up with Austurhöfn to supply the ultimate modern comfort for the new home. Each apartment in Austurhöfn comes completely Smart Home ready, with integrated lighting control, thermostat control and door entry system, all controllable from a central touchscreen or an app on your phone or tablet. Your Austurhöfn apartment can be managed and controlled wherever you are. Upgrades that further enhance your home experience are available on request.

Living the smart life

Your home is your safe haven, where you enjoy yourself and unwind. An aid to that purpose is smart home technology. Apartments in Austurhöfn have been designed and built to support today`s latest smart home technology, with practically infinite options for upgrades in the future. The Smart Home systems from Nordic Smart Spaces is easy to use, sophisticated and reliable.

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Warm, cool or just right

Your comfort is paramount – you can decide the level of light and temperature to suit every occasion. Whether it is waking up in the morning to soft lighting and warm floors or listening to your favourite music while soaking in the bathtub. Create a relaxed ambiance at the dinner table simply with one press of a button. Custom moods have the power to transform the rooms of your home into inviting spaces that respond to your wishes.

Wherever you are

Every Austurhöfn apartment comes with a built in Savant Smart Host, which allows your iPhone or Android device to control your home, even when you are not there. Safety at home is equally as important as being comfortable. Every apartment has a 2N access control system which ensures that no one can enter your home without your knowledge and permission.

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