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Studio Austurhöfn

Studio Austurhöfn is a display space meant to present all the options available for potential buyers Studio Austurhöfn offers a wide variety of services that are tailor made for the best possible experience.

At Studio Austurhöfn you can get acquainted with the apartments themselves as well as the sophisticated smart home system which were designed especially with Austurhöfn in mind by specialists from Nordic Smartspaces.

Experienced decorators from the world renowned Studio Homestead interior design firm will assist you with picking out furniture and  light designs for optimal comfort and designs. They will also assist you with picking the appropriate colour scheme and so much more. Studio Homestead´s brands include District Eight, Srelle, Lodes, Biba Salotti, PH, Collection, Silo Crafts, Santa & Cole, Panzeri, Penta, Midj, Collector og Arte.

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We look forward to seeing you at Studio Austurhöfn which is open between 10 and 17 Monday to Friday. 


For further information, call +354 537 1400 or email us at

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